Open Letter

Canadian Coalition for Responsible Government


September 17, 2018

Don Iveson


Edmonton City Hall

Dear Don Iveson:

"No Sanctuary City Edmonton"

Both Conservative and Liberal Policies are to blame for the Temporary Foreign workers crisis, and solutions must be found to resolve the issue.

This is a Human Rights issue that should be addressed to the Federal Government.

The Liberal Government should resolve the issue with Temporary Foreign Workers first and stop showing favoritism to people who are entering Canada illegally.

Temporary Foreign workers have been here for a period of time, they have worked hard and contributed to Canada, if they did not break any laws and want to stay we should help them first. By allowing open borders as Trudeau has done, many illegals are entering into Canada without proper screening, some are entering with serious criminal records. Therefore, Carding is a very important tool for the police.

Temporary foreign workers have had the proper screening and pose no threat. So, the issue is not Carding, the issue is that the Liberal Immigration policies are broken, those who need the services to properly integrate into Canadian society are being left behind, and special treatment is given to those who do things unlawfully.

I strongly disagree with Bashir Mohamed from Black Lives Matter, firstly by not allowing police to card, crime will increase, leading to an escalation of violence.

Carding is a very important tool for law enforcement to keep communities safe from violent crimes, without carding, gang violence will increase, and illegals with serious criminal records and ties to terrorism will escape notice of law enforcement.

Black Lives matter in the USA call for the killing of law enforcement, and they promote hate against white people. Black Lives Matter Edmonton is a chapter of the USA.

Black Lives Matter USA, and the Canadian chapters are foreign funded, and the goal of the funders is to destabilize law enforcement and create divisions in society, they divide the community along the lines of race by promoting racism and misinformation.

I strongly disagree with the conclusion of Zeina Sleiman-Long. In Fact, evidence clearly shows that violent crime has increased all we have to do is look at Toronto.

A further in-depth study should be done on Sanctuary Cities, establish a task force and have public consultations.

Sheryle Carlson with Sanctuary City Edmonton a political activist, again organizations that receive foreign funds to support open borders and sanctuary cities, supported by George Soros who destabilizes nations for profit as he hedges against the economy, all along profiting from illegal immigration and human trafficking at an international scale.

Trudeau has accepted Soros immigration and open border policies, this practice will lead to destabilization and poverty, by weakening law enforcement, driving down wages, along with the standard of living. It is nothing short of a transfer of wealth from Canadians to the elite.

Therefore, I would request that the City of Edmonton establish an independent taskforce to study the impact Sanctuary City policies might have upon the City of Edmonton, and have public consultations, do not rely only upon information provided by groups that receive foreign funding.



Canadian Coalition for Responsible Government



Jeff Sharpe



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