June 30, 2020

The Canadian Revolution is a rally in Ottawa, by the people for the people.

This rally in Ottawa was to talk about solutions and hold Governments accountable to the people, this would include all parties and politicians.

Then who invited Maxime Bernier to speak? And why is the PPC party involved?

Some of the PPC members have stated that they are not interested in the people’s sol...

June 8, 2020

Antifa and BLM disrespecting Edmonton Law Enforcement

Support Our Law Enforcement

Antifa and Black Lives Matter want to de-fund law enforcement.

Our law enforcement should be held in high honor, and respected, for putting their lives on the line to serve and protect us.

Many officers have lost their lives to have the rule of law upheld. They died in the line of duty protecting oth...

May 24, 2020

Banned on social media

Canadians are being censored from talking about holding Governments accountable.

Social media now considers it hate speech and misinformation, also it is against community standards to question the Government.

Please click the link below and watch the video that is banned from social media.


May 17, 2020

BREAKING: Large gathering of anti-shutdown protestors converges on Ontario legislature

Protests to end the covid-19 lockdown are spreading across Canada.

Action4Canada is organizing rallies across Canada to end the covid-19 lockdown. But questions remain, what next? how will we transition to open the economy safely?

Canadian Coalition for Responsible Government is not associated...

February 15, 2020

Public Inquiry

Now is the time, a public inquiry into foreign funded campaigns must begin.

These foreign funded organizations are misleading the public, they do not represent the community as they claim.

The Trudeau Liberals and mainstream media “CBC” are now giving credibility to these organizations, and they refuse to listen to the community that is affected by the actions of...

January 8, 2020

Antifa and CBC receive federal funding, anyone who opposes Trudeau Government policies will be attacked and deplatformed. Antifa have become a violent militant arm of the government and the CBC has become their propaganda machine.

The CBC has no more credibility, at one time they reported the truth, unfortunately that is no longer the case.

Share your ideas: CBC/Radio-Canada pro...

November 11, 2019

Separation or Reformation?

All Canadians should Unite for the common good.

Governments should represent the people, not seek their own financial, or political interests.

If we are to separate, then let Canadians separate from corrupt Governments and political institutions.

Canadians should Unite, from coast to coast, for a Government, By the People, For the People.

The Canadian Pr...

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