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Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,


This letter is to address the most recent criminal acts of hatred and treason perpetrated by Sheikh Shafiq Hudda and strongly supported by Al Quds Day organizers and those who attended. 


There are deep and growing concerns around the Al Quds day events and the treasonous acts of Islamic leaders calling for the destruction of western "Empires" and inciting hatred toward fellow Canadians.


Candice Bergen's response has been swift but unfortunately the Prime Minister's is completely lacking.


Will the Prime Minister move toward banning the Al Quds Day event permanently in Canada?  


It has been acknowledged that MPs have reached out to Muslim leaders over the years and there is apparently agreement the acts at the events are not 'constructive'.  However, every year the event continues to grow and they commit even greater acts of despicable hate, and crimes, yet the concerns are continually being minimized by claiming such things as, "the police are investigating and 'if' hate crimes are warranted...they will be levied".   "If" .......


This is not an isolated event and is unlikely to change due to the fact that the Al Quds day event is deeply rooted in hatred toward other human beings.


If you will take careful note Sheikh Shafiq Hudda clearly spewed hatred toward America, and other western nations...calling for the "destruction of their Empires"...."just as we have seen the British Empire whither away."  And further....other empires "will be down in the dust bins of history".  The speech, in it's entirety, is chilling.  Anyone watching it would agree that the support from the Islamic community is overwhelming and the crowds were united in their stand not only against Israeli, but every Western Nation.  I continue to strongly believe that any form of support toward these organizations, no matter how benign it may seem, is an act of treason.  We have been warned of their objective to infiltrate with the intent of takeover, we have proof on video, we have crowds radically supporting it, and yet our government is rejecting the evidence and choosing to remain idle.


It was reported that the Toronto event was the largest gathering for Al Quds day to date in Canada.  As the Islamic population increases so do the radical hate filled displays of intolerance and political demands for Islamic dominance in foreign lands (the EU and Europe are our warning).   Iran is a destabilizing influence in the world.  The Iranian regime has been involved in the deaths of thousands of people.  It has been funding terror groups across the Middle East, including Hamas.  Iran's supreme leader openly calls for genocide against the Jewish people.


My question is simple...Why does the Prime Minister persist in turning a blind eye to the crimes now perpetrated in Canada and choosing to warm relations with a regime that can only be described as tyrannical?


Instead of the Muslims rallying at these events in opposition against the Totalitarian regime of Iran and standing with the people of Iran recognizing that they, like all people, have a fundamental right to freedom of conscience and religion, freedom of thought, belief, opinion, and expression, including freedom of the press and other forms of communication, freedom of peaceful assembly, and freedom of association....they instead continually gather to insight hate, murder and oppression. 


Based on the history of this event, and the overwhelming evidence of direct ties to extremist organizations, I request that the government take immediate action and  permanently ban Al Quds Day in Canada.


Based on your recent comments in the House of Commons in response to Candice Bergen, condemning hate speech, and your overwhelming support for Motion M-103... will you, Prime Minister, be willing to act, without Bias, and indeed take the necessary action to permanently quell hate speech, in accordance with Motion M-103?


There should be zero tolerance for extremism and by allowing groups to manipulate our Charter of Rights in order to justify hate, is criminal.


Please advise what steps will be taken to ban this event permanently. 

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